Rokaku Puzzle

We are proud to present our new Android game 'Rokaku Puzzle'. This is a complete new kind of puzzle game! There are many different playing fields and an endless amount of puzzle combinations. The mainskin of the puzzle tiles are numbers, but it could also be colors, symbols or pictures. If there is a whish of the users, we will provide other skins. Please have a look at the screenshots and the introduction into the gameplay.


Rokaku Puzzle is a Sudoku like game, where you have to combine and struggle your brain to solve the puzzles.

For now there are three levels of hardness. In the free version there are 80 puzzles in every level - that are 240 puzzles! The full version will be released at 01.08.2012, it has no advertisement, more graphic-features and will come with 500 levels!


This game is very easy to use, but hard to solve! The goal is to complete the puzzle against time. You have to set the puzzle tiles, that every side of a tile fits to all of its neighbours.

In the game-selection-screen you can choose one game to play out of all games in this level. You can end a game every time by leaving the 'game screen'. The game is automatically saved. By tipping the 'Reset-Button' the game is resetted, except the 'Best time'.


The usability of the game is very easy. To place a tile in the playing field, you have to mark a field by tipping on it. Now you have to select a tile out of the 'select-row' by sliding the tiles left and right. The tile you whish to place has to be in the 'select-border'. By tipping the 'Set-Button' the tile is placed on the marked field. The function of the 'Erase-Button' should be clear.

If all tiles are placed on the playing field and the tiles are at the correct position, a message pops up and the game ends. If the tiles are not correct placed nothing happens and the time goes on.


At the top of the playing field is the 'Hint-Button'. If the button is visible, you have hints left in this game. You can use this button if you need some help in the game. By tipping on it, a 'Hint-Tile' (marked by an 'H') is randomized generated and placed on the correct field. This tile is now fixed and cannot be replaced or erased.

We hope you enjoy this game and if you have something to report or suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us!

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We have inserted a 'hint function' into Rokaku Puzzle and new puzzles were added.

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Rokaku Puzzle is our latest project. We whish you much fun with it!